Why just Google Play Store? Submit Your Apps to Other App Stores

Want to diversify your income stream? Submit to other app stores! Now, this is a pain in a butt if you have to edit your apps because they have a dependency with the Play store. Chances are, if your apps are popular you have dependencies, because you probably asked the user to rate or cross promoted at some point in the app. To solve this, you could make some kind of library to easily manage these add ons for projects. But in case you’re wondering, it makes me an extra 1000 a month with a couple key apps, so it can be worth it. I have a lot of apps I still have to get on these alternative app stores, so that number could go a lot higher. Sometimes its even possible to have apps be MORE profitable on alternative stores, but I haven’t had that opportunity yet.

In terms of specifics, I highly recommend submitting you apps to Amazon and Barnes and Noble specifically. Hell, even no name stores like SlideMe can be worth it.

For Barnes and Noble, you’re going to want to submit your apps as paid apps. That’s because advertisements are not allowed in your apps. This can be kind of lame if you already have apps full of ad SDKs and code. But, it is what is. Like I mentioned above, you might be able to make some kind of library to make your life easier- I haven’t tried making one. Anyways, what’s great about Barnes and Noble is that they are SUPER strict on the type of apps they allow. This is a GOOD thing! If they deny your apps due to copyright, fight it. What’s awesome is that if your “infringing” apps do eventually get accepted, you will HAVE NO COMPETITION since no one else bothers to fight app denies! I make A LOT of money on Barnes and Noble, relative to the other stores.

SlideMe has a really strict policy on boilerplate apps, but you can give it a try. I just do free apps with ads in this app store. I’ve netted 200k downloads from them within the past year, which basically equates to an extra 2-4k in income a year for me, depending on how you monetize.

As for Amazon, I’ve done tests with paid and free. I get roughly the same amount of revenue from ad supported apps as I do from paid. Although around Christmas, I got a lot more for paid. It all depends on your apps I think. If you already have apps full of ad code, just put out those versions.

There are other app stores you can try such as the Samsung App Store, and even Mikandi for adult content- I haven’t tried either. I’ve heard great successes on both, particularly with Mikandi. A lot of apps on there have adult affiliate links plastered all over them, but you can use your imagination if you decide to go this route.

I also submitted my apps to a bunch of Chinese sites, because they have the largest amount of smartphone users out of any country in the world. I did see some success, but it might of been limited because my apps I submitted were somewhat location specific. It’s worth trying. Just note you’re going to want to use Chrome’s auto translate option when trying to navigate some of these app stores, unless you know Chinese.

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