What is Android?

Technology is very important for the world in which we live nowadays and numerous important technological improvements have been made in various fields of activity and domains in the last few years. We have all become much more interested in technology and all sorts of innovations that we have become familiar with and which might prove to be of great help to many of us according to the field of activity in which we work.

Android, for those who have not been yet familiarized with represents a software stack that is used for mobile type of devices and which is known to include an operating system as well as various types of key applications that are very interesting to be analyzed for those who might be willing to learn more about this type of software and about the way in which it might be useful for them to become familiar with the way in which it functions. Few of the most important features presented by Android are its application framework, the Dalvik virtual machine, its integrated browser as well as the Media support and the GSM telephony that has become very popular in the last few years as well.

It should also be mentioned for those interested in finding out what Android is that it is a software which has been developed by Android Inc and purchased by Google in 2005. It is known to have been developed by using a modified version of Linux Kernel and it was developed by Google specialists in collaboration with Open Handset Alliance members. A specific project meant to deal with the further development of this mobile operating system has been designed and it has become familiar as AOSP. Numerous developers are known to write all sorts of application type of programs, more familiar nowadays as apps in order to enable the extension of the functionality characterizing such devices.

Numerous updates are known to have been established since Android mobile operating system was firstly released. Android 1.0 updates were made public in 2008 and they were followed by 1.1 updates that were released on February 9, 2009. The Android 1.5 version, the one that is known to have been mainly based on Linux Kernel came after this one and was followed by the 1.6 version of updates which were based on a newer version of Linux Kernel, namely Linux Kernel 2.6.29.

Other important Android features that might be useful to be mentioned for those interested in getting a better understanding of whatAndroid actually is are represented by the Camera, GPS , accelerometer and compass type of features that are included within the hardware dependent category of features together with features such as Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G and Wi-Fi. The rich development environment type of features known to characterize Android as well includes various types of tools for debugging, as well as memory tools and a device emulator.

These are few of the important aspects that need to be considered when trying to get a better understanding of what Android is and of the way in which its users can benefit from using it. All in all, it has proved in time to be useful to be analyzed and taken advantage of.

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