What can we expect from HTC Android Tablet

HTC Flyer tablet with stylus by Attribution-ShareAlike License

The very first HTC Android Tablet is probably on its way which would be one of the many attempts of HTC to diversify into the tablet pc market. HTC is long recognized and reputed to be the initiator of the Smartphone technology and also doing a very good job in the business where they successfully gained more market share than Apple and Samsung over a long period of time. However, there has been many attempts at promoting various types of Tablet PCs by the company, but this will be the first time they will be introducing the Android 7 inch tabs with an attempt to compete with the its long time arch rivals with a completely different product.

Since, HTC have been very successful in the Smartphone market, it can be said that they can have a very good edge with the 7 inch tabs. It can also be expected from HTC to bring some new and unique features that have never been done before by any of its competitors. HTC has a strong reputation of being the “firsts” with an effective “here to change” advertising campaign. This would enable consumers to look for features that might overcome the generally faced problems related to the 7 inch tabs seen on the products of Samsung Galaxy Note, Google Nexus, Kindle HD and others.

HTC can in fact resolve many problems that even the best selling tabs like Google Nexus 7.0 experience, it certainly have done so with its Smartphone products and the tabs should not be any different. Most tab users face problems of less battery life, random reboots, problems with multi-tasking, inability to browse with ease, the faulty GPS and the list goes on and on. One of the major strength of HTC is that they have the ability to provide the best touchscreen unlike any of its competitors. It is a no brainer to state that, the HTC Smartphones have received excellent reviews on having great touchscreens on their products that contributed to one of the major factors behind HTC for being the market leader of Smartphone on various occasions.

With all the factors taken under consideration, let’s briefly evaluate what we can actually expect from the device in real terms from HTC.

– An efficient Android Tablet device with longer battery life, faster processing speed and the ability to multi-task with ease and comfort.

– A device that can be carried anywhere with comfort which means having a lighter weight with great touchscreen capabilities.

– Most importantly, it must be cost effective to the consumers where the buyers may feel that they have their every money worth while using the product.

Therefore we can solely wait for a device that can revolutionize the market of tablet computers with amazing features and very rare disappointments from HTC.

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