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Trillian BETA launched a few hours ago – for those that don’t know, Trillian is a multi protocol instant messaging client. Trillian have been in the instant messaging game a long time with most IMers using Trillians PC application at some point.

Trillian supports AIM, Facebook Chat, GTalk, ICQ, Jabber/XMPP, WLM (MSN), MySpace and Yahoo – a fair number and it has most corners covered apart from a few smaller country specific protocols.

The first impression of the app is that it is very polished. The UI is pretty standard (maybe slightly boring and dull) with open chats appearing at the top and then your online friends appearing below. Trillian allows you to change your status and change your avatar which is a nice touch, it also supports sending pictures to friends over protocols that allow this such as MSN which is a nice feature and certainly something which makes it stand out slightly from the crowd. When messaging you have basic chat bubbles but it’s all a bit drab and is pretty much a black and white application apart from contact pictures.

One of the more disappointing aspects of the app is the amount of customisation. You can hide offline contacts and it does have basic contact sorting but you cannot customise incoming message sounds which is a little disappointing -sounds, vibrate and trackball light can all be enabled/disabled however.

Having tried it for a few hours it seems to be nice and sleek – we haven’t tried it over anything but wifi yet so can’t comment on how well it holds connection but we will update the review when we have this information. Over wifi chatting is extremely quick and notifications work well. A major drawback for me is that there is no option to have a permanent icon in the notification bar – this pretty much makes it unusable for me. I like to see quickly when i’m connected to an instant messaging app and it allows you to quickly go back to the application. We do have ot remind ourselves that it is just a BETA still so things like this can be added.

Overall it’s definitely worth a try – it isn’t better than eBuddy yet but I found it a nicer experience than Nimbuzz and I’m sure it will only get better with updates!



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