StumbleUpon for Android is it Interesting Enough to Keep you Stumbling?

StumbleUpon is quite a simple concept and has become increasingly popular not only with average internet users but with web designers and developers who see the potential to share their work with people all over the world. The ability to press a button on the page and simply say “I found this, you may be interested in it” to all the users of the network is one of the easiest ways of sharing. It’s not like Facebook or Twitter, you don’t need to engage with anybody else in a social way other than to say you found something interesting.

Now that the Android app has been updated it’s even easier to do this on your phone or tablet with an updated user interface that has been upgraded not only for easier use but to look nice. As you explore the internet and find all kinds of interesting pages, is it going to be an app though that you’ll go out of your way to use, or just another tool that gets pushed to the side?


The fact is if you are going to use an app like this to explore what people found interesting and to share pages too it has to be easy to use, look nice and actually catch your notice. On your phone of course the main thing you will be doing is looking at what sites there are out there that you can “stumble upon”, like what people have found and generally waste some of your time learning just what is out there.

The user interface has gone through quite a regeneration and looks better than ever. It’s slick, easy to use and fast and you’ll find yourself skimming through user suggestions with ease. It’s easy to click on the page found and be taken to the website without any real issue which is important, especially on your Android phone where skipping between apps for viewing pages can be a hassle if you want to move back and forth.


The main feature of StumbleUpon is to find the strange and interesting of the internet and to bring it to your screen. It has potentially millions of users sourcing material for you. With a brief account creation (which is to be expected) and finding your friends that are using the service too you are pushed straight into the main app. Selecting interests will narrow down the search for you so that you can block out all the things you have no interest in (although some will obviously get through) and in no time you’ll be reading about all the strange things you’ll probably never have discovered without it. Unless you used a search engine to find them of course, but the whole point of the app is really to find the things that you’d not search for but would still find interesting.

One thing to note is that you can select to find images, videos or news so that you can find all types of media. You can also choose to look what your friends have been liking which can be fun and quite interesting at times. As StumbleUpon is a social media app and you can have your presence on there you can also update your profile with your own picture and details, though this is not something you are forced to do.


The app is fast and you’ll have no problems finding the websites and media that you are looking for. As with all apps that are reliable on content on the internet sometimes the links you follow are dead links and depending on your phone/tablet and its capabilities the pages can be hard to read at times. This is something as a user of the internet you’ll no doubt be used to, especially on smaller screens.


StumbleUpon for Android does its job and it does it well. Whether it’s an app you’ll keep on coming back to though is down to your own preference really. If you want to discover things on the internet you probably won’t have found then it’s a good way to do this and it is quite a good way to waste some time when there is nothing left to do. One of the beauties of the internet is that you can find random things you’d probably never look up, and if you are interested in doing this then StumbleUpon is one of the best ways it can be done.

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