Stop Running Out of Space on your Smartphone

Smartphones whatever the make and whatever the operating system have one thing that they all have in common, they only have a finite amount of memory. We take pictures, we store music we like to listen to and we download numerous apps that look fun to play with, help us with everyday tasks and keep our lives running just how we want.

The problem is though that word I used “finite”, we don’t have an infinite amount of space on our phones and if we just let it keep on filling up then it soon runs out. The good thing about smartphones is though they are upgradable, they are controllable and they have access to the internet. With some smart storing and a little spring cleaning we can always have some space on our phone and never have to see that dreaded warning that we are running out of space.

Finding Memory on Your Phone

The first thing that can be done, and is the easiest is to expand the memory on the phone. Some smartphones may not allow this but many have at least a MicroSD slot to allow more space. This can be invaluable if sometimes expensive, so the tip here is to spend as much as you can afford to get the biggest amount of memory your phone will take. This will make sure that you have as much space available as possible.

The second thing to do is look at the Apps you have downloaded on your phone and look at how much space they are taking up. If you really need space and there is nothing else that can be deleted look for the apps that you can live without, especially the ones that take up the most space. This can often be games as they are often bloated because of the use of graphics so can be the easy choice to lose.

Look at the photographs you are storing on your phone, can these be uploaded to your computer? If so this can save a lot of space on your phone, especially if they are high resolution pictures. Also look at the music that you have on your phone and pick the ones that you rarely listen to, if listen to at all. It may be a case that you can choose the songs you want to listen to that day and put them on your phone, instead of storing everything you ever want to listen to. This again will save plenty of space.

Another option and one that is growing in use with smartphones is cloud storage. Using storage like this will mean that if you have removed the files from your phone to save space but find that you need them and you are away from your computer all you need to do is head to the cloud. This is something that is going to grow in importance now, especially as it’s an “always there” storage choice and is the obvious way to save space.

The amount of memory that we can have on our phones is limited at this time, but it will soon change, or we may even change the way that we store our information and files. The fact is the faster the internet is and the more advanced cloud storage becomes (especially in terms of security) the more we can use it to store everything we need. In theory this would mean that we can lessen the amount of storage on our computers, phones, game consoles and other gadgets and have it readily accessible anywhere we need it. What this will mean for smartphones is we’ll no longer have to worry about running out of space, just which files we need the quickest access to.

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