Movies by Flixster for Android App Review

Movies by Flixster is one of the earliest and most well polished Android applications available and has been hugely popular with over 250,000 downloads. Originally Movies was a free app with no ads, now it is ad supported but they aren’t intrusive and it is understandable that the developer would want to have some way of making money out of this great application.

Firstly, the app allows you to connect with Facebook (to rate movies and add them to wish list), Flixster (to add reviews) and Netflix (to manage your Netflix queue). All of these social features really add some depth to the app and make it nice and interactive.

The app has a really well polished user interface with a great look on even the highest resolution Android devices. the interface is split in to a familiar tab form with tabs at the top for different sections. The tabs are “Box Office” – which shows new releases and what is currently top, “Cinemas” which is my favourite feature – this shows nearby cinemas and what times the movies are, this is unbelievably useful, “Upcoming” which upcoming movies, “DVD” which shows the latest DVD releases and “My Movies” which holds all of the interactive features and allows you to connect to the above mentioned services. When viewing any movie you can click on it to play a trailer, view photos, add your movie rating, see actors and movie information, see user reviews and critic reviews. All in all it’s very comprehensive.

By pressing the menu button on your Android phone you can search for any film and see all of its information, so the app isn’t only just useful for new movies.

Inevitably this app will now be compared to the newly released IMDb app. At first you would think it’s an easy comparison but the apps aren’t all that similar when you use their full features. For me, Movies is very useful for viewing cinema times – the IMDb app only supports the US and being from the UK, Movies does a perfect job. The IMDb app is definitely better for viewing information on movies and looking at information like actor profiles but I would say keep both apps – they both do some things better than the other with small file sizes there is no excuse for any movie lovers not to have both installed.



Price: FREE

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