HOW TO: Use Google Plus On Android [Complete Guide]

Google plus is the search giant’s latest social network launched on June 28, 2011. The project was led by Vic Gundotra, Google’s SVP of social. Google made a remarkable history within these three weeks of launch. Facebook and other social networks traveled a long time to reach this much of height but Google made it possible within a few weeks. Now Google plus have nearly 20 million users though its not open to the public completely and in a beta stage (disgusting).

How To Download Google Plus For Android

As soon as Google plus has been launched, Google launched the official app for android in the android market. You can download official Google plus app for android phones and tablets from android market. Google plus app reached nearly 39k downloads with in the three weeks of launch. To get start with Google plus first download and install the app from android market. Click here to download the official Google plus app for android mobiles and tablets.

Getting Started with Google plus

Still Google plus is on the beta stage, the application is not fully open to the public so you need an invite to join in Google plus. If you need an invite to join in Google+ please leave the comment with you mail id I will be sending an invite to you. If you need to send an invite to your friend go to the welcome page on Google+, look at the right bottom corner you will find the invite button. Tap the button and enter your friend’s mail id. Ask him to click the link in his Gmail account and sign up for his Google+ account.

Note: In some of the newly created Google+ accounts, sending invite option will not be available. So go to your home page click the share button at top right corner, enter your message and the mail id you need to invite. Click share button and send the invite to your friend.

How To Sign Up for your Google plus Account

If you didn’t sign up for your Google+ account, use the invitation from your friend and go to Google+ official site. Enter your details and sign up for your Google plus account. The Google plus account will be used as a profile for the mail id you use for sign up.

How To Use Google Plus Stream

Initially when you enter into your Google+ account after signup you have a list of services and options available at your home page. The options are stream, huddle, profile, photos and circles. Google+ is a killer of Facebook, in some of the things Google+ looks very similar to Facebook. In Facebook there is a wall you can see the updates from your friends in that. Here it is called as Stream, there you can see the updates from your friends. Tap the stream option to view the updates from your friends.

As you see in the screen-shot you can view the status updates from your friends. You can comment and +1 (similar to like feature in Facebook) the status of your friends. Commenting is similar to Facebook but +1 is the concept of pushing the post as a popular one. More the number of +1 will move the post to top and makes it popular by the way. Normally you will get the updates from the persons in your circles.

“Incoming” is one of the option available at streaming section gives stuff from people who are sharing with you. “Nearby” is an another option in your streaming section which works based on the Google maps. It shares streaming stuff from people who are all near to your place.

How To Post Your First Status Update on Google plus

Go to stream you can find a bar similar to the screenshot below. Tap on the share area and start typing your message. If you need to include any pics with your message tap the photo icon in the bar. Then you can choose the image from your gallery. If you need to take a photo from your mobile cam click the camera icon and take the photo to share with your message.

Also you can attach the videos from youtube with you message. Just go to youtube copy the sharing link and paste the link here. That’s it your video is ready to share. Also you can limit the message to particular community or you can share the message to entire public. The particular community is called as circles which is explained below.

How To Use Circles in Google plus

Circles are one of the different concept introduced by Google which is the combination of two different ideas. Like adding friends in Facebook and following a person in twitter. Here in Google+ you have five circles by default friends, family, acquaintances, following and an empty circle to create your own stuff. You are not limited for creating circles in Google plus.

Circles are similar to lists in Facebook. When you add a new friend in Facebook you can add him to a particular list in your Facebook account. In Google+ you can add a person in your network by dragging them to any of your circles. The circle following alone have a function like following option in twitter. Also while sharing messages you can share that to a particular circle in your network. To add people in a circle just select the person and add them in the circle you need. Watch the video demo to clearly understand about circles.

How To Use Huddles in Google plus

Huddle is a group texting service. You can manually add the persons in your circle and have a group chat with them privately. Also you can group chat with one particular circle in your Google plus account. This gives a private chat and hangouts between a community of people. Huddle is very similar to group chat in Gmail. But its a great platform to share your views and ideas with a group of people. Google gives the caption for huddle as “The best plans are made together”. Please watch the video demo to know more about Google+ huddle.

How To Use Hangouts in Google Plus

Things present in Google plus are not new one to Google users because everything is available as a separate services from Google. For example Huddle is available as Group Chat, Photos uploading in Picasa, Video Sharing through Youtube and hangouts also a similar one to Google Video Chat. Even we experienced all the features in Google plus before still have some reasons to stick with Google. All the services from Google are combined here and you have lot of chances to interact with a huge community of People. That makes Google Plus to stand out of the crowd.

To start hangout with your friends, tap the hangout option in the home screen. You can include any number of persons in your Hangout and you can have a group video chat with your friends. After adding this feature in Google plus people got so interested with hangouts and spent more time in Google+. Within a week Facebook combined with Skype and introduced video calling for all the Facebook users (Temporarily the video calling is suspended in Facebook).


Google plus is not a complete social network. It is a half baked one and still under testing. So when Google launch its full version and open to the public it will be a massive hit for sure. Let’s hope we enjoy the full version of Google plus soon.

Thanks for reading. What do you feel about the new social network by Google ? Did you enjoying with your Google plus account ? Please drop your ideas and suggestions about Google+ in the comment box.

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