Google Android Market Features

Google Android Market includes numerous great apps that can be either free of charge or which can be purchased for a certain price according to what users are interested in receiving from a certain app.

There are numerous Google Android Market features that have attracted attention since it was released and in this article we are going to focus on few such features that might enable users to get an even better understanding of the way in which they can use Google Android Market and its interesting applications.

When an Android user is interested in finding a certain app, a TV guide for example all he /she has to do is to write TV guide in the search bar and a list of TV guides that are available to be downloaded will be displayed on their mobile phones. The user will have to choose one of the TV guides in the list and will afterwards be able to see reviews of the chosen application, screenshots and feedback. By pressing install the user will download and have this application automatically installed on his/her mobile phone. Meanwhile, the user will be able to browse through other apps that might interest them and not waste time with the installation of the application.

Once the download installation process is complete users will be able to take advantage of all the important features characterizing this application. It is very easy to use any application found on Google Android Market and take advantage of its main features this way. Once an application has been installed on the mobile phone and the user might not longer be interested in analyzing the Android Market interface and on what can be found on it the user will be able to get back to his mobile phone interface and select form there the app having been installed and use it as he/she might consider best.

When Android users are interested in finding new applications they can reenter the Android Market interface and go straight to the search area where they will be able to type the title of the app that they might be interested in and see what the list that will be displayed on their screen regarding that app has to offer for them. Whenever they might select an application from the given list users will be given the possibility to analyze all they need to know about that app before deciding whether they should download, install and use it on their phone. They will be able to discover all about the functions of the chosen application, the will be given access to screenshots that will help them get a general picture of the way in which that app will be useful for them to use and they will also be given access to other users’ feedback on the application which is very useful for us to consider in most cases because this way we can become more certain of the quality of a certain app that we might be interested in employing on our Android devices.

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