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When I first saw Game Dev Story in the featured section of the Android market I was really intrigued – having read some of the marketplace reviews I purchased instantly and I highly recommend you do the same!

Game Dev Story is a simulation type game, similar to the popular ‘Tycoon’ series of games that have been popular for the past decade. You are a new game studio, and naturally you have to do everything that a real game studio might do. This includes hiring/firing staff, making games and perhaps even making a console later along the line.

The way that games are created is really intuitive, you choose genre and type of game e.g. a Ninja Adventure game. If the type matches then it’s likely to be more popular and there’s plenty of new genres and game types to unlock. How good your game is really relies on your staffs skill – your first few games will be rather poor but as you learn how the game really works you will start to improve immensely.

There are many consoles in which you can develop games for, each of which come with a license fee. You unlock more consoles as the game progresses and are introduced to them via press releases. Eventually you can even develop your own console, but this will come after hours of playing and success!

As you get more successful your game studio will get bigger and you will need to hire more staff but also fire old staff to replace them with more capable staff. Staff have a variety of different roles and usually have a main strength – to make a good game you will need to have a good mixture of skilled staff. You get to chose which staff member does what job dring the development but reusing the same staff for the same jobs again and again will lead to fatigue and ultimately them doing their job worse, so it’s important to have variety. This is where the min depth of the game lies and even though it sounds simplistic in reality it’s great fun and will keep you hooked for hours.

The games you make are based upon four factors which are: fun, creativity, graphics and sound. Your staff may occasionally come to you and ask if they can have a go at boosting one of these factors – this is a slight gamble but throughout the game you earn intelligence and the more intelligence you put in to a boost the more likely is that it will work – if it fails however the development will take extra time as there will be more bugs.

The graphics and sound of the game are simple, vibrant and overall really perfect for this type of game. It’s perhaps quite a hard game to explain in a review but my only advice can be to buy it! at the moment it is $2.50 and it will literally have you hooked for hours. It’s really a great pick up and play type game once you have got in to it. Its only major downfall is that eventually (after quite a few hours of play) the game starts to get a bit too easy and once you get really successful, there is little point continuing with the game. But don’t let that put you off – this is one of the best Android games ever and I’d advise anyone to get it.