Funny and Useful Android Applications

Being able to use an Android application that might be useful for us to employ and which might at the same time enable us to have fun using it is what we are all interested in as Android users. Android apps are so fun There are numerous funny and useful Android applications that are found available on the Android Market nowadays and some of them are free of charge and can be easily downloaded by everyone interested in them. There are certainly numerous paid Android apps as well and many of their features are so great to consider that their price does not even matter.

We have chosen two of the numerous funny and useful Android applications that can be considered these days and first in the list comes Ringdroid 1.1. This is one of the numerous apps of this kind that have been appreciated by many Android users who have had the chance of using it and who have discovered many of its features to be quite advantageous for them whenever they employed the application on their Android devices. Few of the most important and advantageous features in the case of this useful Android app refers to its record and sound editing features as well as to the fact that it enables its users to create various ringtones directly on their Android phones.

This is what makes this app so great, it enables its users to create their own ringtones, according to their own preferences without being required to pay anything for using them, which is much better than paying for various ringtones that they might find online and which might not be what they had really hoped for. This application lets its users edit any MP3 on their phone or record new sounds and turn them into ringtones, alarms or notifications whenever they might be interested in doing this. It is a great graphical waveform editor Android users can nowadays employ on their Android devices.

The second funny and useful Android application that we have considered useful to mention in this article is OI File Manager. It is also a very interesting application and the way in which this app is useful for its users is by enabling them to browse their SD cards, create various directories, rename them when this might be what they are interested in doing, moving them so as for them to make even better use of this app and even delete files when they might no longer be interested in taking advantage of them. What should be mentioned as well is the fact that this app is also known to act as an extension to various other types of applications in order to display Open and Save type of dialogs.

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