Fix: Can’t print from Google Chrome

If you’re unable to print from Google Chrome, there are a few things you can do to fix the issue. Check your printer’s compatibility with Chrome, make sure your printer is properly connected, and ensure that you’re using the latest version of Chrome. With a few quick troubleshooting steps, you can get back to printing those important documents in no time.

The Problem

If you’re unable to print from Google Chrome, it’s likely that there’s a problem with your printer settings. To fix this, you’ll need to adjust your printer settings so that Chrome is able to communicate with your printer properly.

To do this, open the Chrome menu and select “Settings.” Then, click “Advanced” and find the “Printing” section. Here, you’ll need to make sure that the “Allow Google Chrome to communicate with my printer” option is selected.

Once you’ve made this change, try printing from Chrome again. If it still doesn’t work, there may be an issue with your printer driver. In this case, you’ll need to update your printer driver to the latest version.

The Solution

If you’re unable to print from Google Chrome, it’s likely due to a problem with your printer settings. To fix this, you’ll need to adjust your printer’s default settings.

1. Open the Chrome menu and select “Settings.”
2. Click “Show advanced settings” at the bottom of the page.
3. Under the “Printing” section, click “Manage” next to “Printer.”
4. Select your printer from the list and click “Edit.”
5. Under the “Printing defaults” section, make sure the “Print background colors and images” option is selected.
6. Click “Save” and try printing again.

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If this doesn’t fix the problem, you may need to uninstall and reinstall Chrome.

The Results

If you’ve been trying to print from Google Chrome and not having any luck, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Many users have reported this issue, and fortunately, there is a fix.

The first thing to try is clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. This can often fix printing issues, as it will reset any settings that may be causing problems. To do this in Chrome, go to the menu in the top-right corner and select “Clear browsing data.” Make sure to select “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files.”

If that doesn’t work, there are a few other things you can try. One is disabling your printer’s background printing feature. This can often interfere with printing from Chrome. To do this, open the “Devices and Printers” control panel and double-click on your printer. Go to the “Advanced” tab and uncheck the “Enable Background Printing” box.

Another thing you can try is resetting Chrome to its default settings. This will clear out any customizations you’ve made to the browser, but it can sometimes fix printing issues. To do this, go to Chrome’s menu and select “Settings.” At the bottom of the page, click “Advanced,” then “Reset.”

Hopefully, one of these solutions will fix your problem and you’ll be able to print from Chrome again.

Fix: Can’t print from Google Chrome

Must Read

1. Check your printer’s status. Make sure it is online and connected to your computer.

2. Try printing from another browser. If you can print from another browser, the issue is likely with Google Chrome.

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3. Clear your Chrome browser’s cache. Sometimes cached data can cause issues with printing.

4. Update your Chrome browser. Outdated software can also cause printing issues.

5. Check your printer’s driver. Sometimes an outdated or incompatible printer driver can cause printing problems.

6. Use the built-in PDF viewer in Chrome. The built-in PDF viewer in Chrome has known issues with certain types of PDF files. Try printing using the built-in PDF viewer instead.

7. Disable your Chrome browser’s extensions. Sometimes extensions can interfere with printing.

8. Restart your computer. Sometimes a simple restart can fix printing issues.


Thanks for following this guide on how to fix the issue of not being able to print from Google Chrome. This problem can be caused by a variety of factors, but following the troubleshooting tips in this article should help you resolve the issue. If you still can’t print from Chrome, contact your printer manufacturer or Google for further assistance.

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