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Everyone has heard about the Android Market and its awesome applications and many of us have become very much interested in discovering the newest applications that re made available for us to use every day.

There are numerous Google Android apps being made available on the market daily and we have all discovered at least some that we have been very much interested in using on our Android devices. Different apps have been regarded differently by different Android users who have had the chance to analyze them and in this article we have also considered interesting and useful for us to present you three of the awesome Android applications that we were able to discover.

These three awesome Google Android applications that we have considered can be used on any Android device and used by all Android users. The first app is Google Translate. The interesting aspect that we must mention in the case of this app that can be used on Android devices is that it enables users have access to text to speech. There are numerous languages that users can choose to work with by using this app which is not perfect but which can be very useful to be used especially when users might be interested in being translated common words and addresses. What is actually pretty great to be mentioned is the fact that this app does not only enable its users to have various words translated for them in various languages but also to hear the translation of those words.

The second awesome Google Android application that we have considered for this article is Google Sky Map. Users can find this application useful for them to use when they might be interested in searching more about what they can see on the sky because this app searches various planets and starts for them and they will get a better understanding of what they can actually see at might whenever they might be looking at the sky. The way in which this application functions is by using a combination between GPS features and features determined by the directionality of the phone on which the app might be used. It actually understands exactly what the user is looking at and it shows them what constellations they are pointing at whenever they might be interested in this. This app is also useful when users might be interested in finding a certain planet or star on the sky without seeing it just to search it and find out more about it.

The third awesome Google Android application that we are going to mention in this article is Google Goggles. The way in which this application functions is by taking advantage of the camera on the phone and the pictures being taken with it in order to make careful analysis on these pictures and tell what these pictures represent. It is also an interesting app that Android users can also find on the Android Market download and install it on their phones and make good use of afterwards.

All of these three awesome Google Android applications are worth considering because we never know what we might discover to be of great help to us in what concerns these apps and their usage on or Android devices.