Android Apps for Mobile Cloud Computing

For a layman, cloud computing might imply using web-based services, such as Google, Facebook or Twitter. However, in reality cloud computing means that one’s computer resources (such as, one’s desktop) and applications become integrated into a cohesive resource. Through cloud computing, a user can have access to the same data, applications and services from any platform (tablet, laptop and mobile, etc.) in a seamless manner. Owing to this great flexibility of use provided by cloud computing, the technology has made its way into android applications. The blog discusses some of the best Android apps which offer for mobile cloud computing to their users, and the function performed by them. is an android app which is free to download and relates to personal finances. The app connects the android users to an online system, which is securely connected with the bank account of the user. This android app enables the user to find out the amount of cash they have on their hand at a given point in time, and it also tracks purchase behavior of the user through the debit entries in one’s bank account. The best part of this android app is that all entries are made in an automated manner and the user is not required to enter all information on their own. The reports generated by create a complete track of the purchases of the users. The report contains different graphs and charts depicting the activity of the user of his/her spending behavior, and even categorizes these spending under various heads. This cloud based android app performs a highly important function of enabling online users to manage their personal finances in a highly effective manner.


AndroNoter is a highly easy to use android app for note taking. This android application connects the user with an online Simple-note service. The user simply need to press a button to save entire notes into a single repository and sync all notes through this cloud based online service. These notes can be accessed either through the android app or by logging into AndroNoter website. In addition, there android app even has a Firefox plugin which connects seamlessly into Simplenote.

Flickr Free

Flickr Free is an open-source Flickr app which has been created for both android based mobile phones and android based tablets. This application connects the user with his/her account, and provides the functionality of viewing photographs, uploading photographs and browsing for pictures. The key strength of the application lies in being so easy to use that it is almost instinctive.

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