Android Apps For Learning Music

It has been a very long time since mobile phones were used solely for making phone calls. Nowadays, a smart phone is more like a personal assistant then a simple device for making phone calls. It can keep you entertained or it can teach you cool and interesting new thing. From mapping the universe to teaching you new languages, an Android smart phone can also be your teacher away from school. In this article we will present some Android applications for learning music. First of all, we will present some applications that specialize in playing your music. Tune Wiki is an Android application which is basically your average music player. However, this application can fetch and present to you the lyrics of any song (as long as those lyrics are in a database) in real time. It can also translate them, as long as you speak one of the 40 languages this application supports. Stream Furious is a similar application which lets you stream Shoutcast radio stations. This application can also run in the background, and it also comes with some default Shoutcast station, which you can edit later.

Onto the Android applications for learning music, you should try Splash Play application, which is an application for those that want to learn playing the guitar on the phone. While this application is free, in order to experience its’ full capabilities you have to play to get all of its’ features. It will display on your droid’s screen the key notes and the chords for the song you want to learn how to play. Nevertheless, you should also know that this application is probably better for those that already know the basics of guitar playing. Click In 2 Da Beat is an application that act more like a game. In it, you have to listen to a music and tap some points appearing on your Android’s screen. This could be an useful tool if you are trying to learn playing the drums.

Hit It! Lite is another application for drums enthusiasts.

You can learn playing drums by tapping the screen or by tilting and shaking your phone. Besides being a good tutor when it comes to learning drum play, this is also the most popular Android application for learning music.

RockOut is probably the best application for those that love playing the guitar.

While this application can teach you the basics, this actually is the best application for those that already know how to play the guitar. Its’ interface is very easy to use, while the sounds are clear as if you are playing a real guitar.

When it comes to seeing (or hearing) the fruits of your rehearsals, you can try Rehearsal Assistant. This application helps you record any of your rehearsal, making a log of them. You can also send your tapes for later reference. You can also try Scrobble Droid, which is a similar application. However, you can also use this one in order to listen to a couple of radio stations.

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