Abduction! 2 Game Review

If you have an Android phone and haven’t played Abduction then you need to get yourself straight to the Android Marketplace! Abduction 2 is the sequel to Abduction! World Attack which is one of the most popular games on Android so far.

The gameplay is simple using your phones accelerometer, your character jumps on to platforms and you need to move the phone in order to hit the correct platforms and get higher up before reaching your goal. Sounds simple? well the basic gameplay is but Abduction 2 has really stepped its game up from its predecessor.

The main adventure mode of Abduction! 2 has you travelling around the world across a variety of brilliant looking locations. Different locations all have graphics which match perfectly and without spoling too much you are going to see Mount Rushmore amongst other world landmarks! The graphics really stood out in the first Abduction! for being simple yet great, Abduction! 2 has really expanded on this and the graphics give the game such a great feel – they are pretty much faultless and make the game a joy to play.

Every level you play has the option to save 3 creatures which are locked up – doing this will unlock more new characters or accessories but in order to buy new characters or accessories you need coins which are gained for completing levels faster – it’s almost impossible to save all 3 animals and get a gold medal all in one go (there are 3 medals – gold, silver and bronze which are with 3, 2 and 1 gold) which gives the game great relay value as to complete the game and unlock everything you are going to need to play through it twice.

So what can you unlock? well theres plenty. Firstly you can customise your character with a multitude of accessories, this adds a great fun aspect of the game and you can come up with some quite funny combinations for your animal. Another great unlockable is new animal characters, you don’t really have a benefit of using accessories or different characters but it’s just a fun thing to do and really gives you something to aim for. In addition to the above you can unlock a mini game and some different versions of your character such as 8bit or 3d.

In addition to the generously large adventure mode there is also quick game which is a never ending game in which you try to get the highest possible without falling, classic mode which again sees you go around the world but in this theres no complications, you simply need to get to the top in a quick time without falling and theres a kids mode – this is an easy game type which makes it impossible to fail – perfect for children! The amount available is a huge credit to the developer and they really seem to have thought of everything.

This is definitely the best game of its type on Android now – there’s a great amount of content and it’s just a joy to play. A few small criticisms is that the app is quite large (around 8.9mb) but apps2sd is enabled but it’s quite obvious that it is more for second generation Android handsets. We tested this with the Samsung Galaxy S and it plays like an absolute dream. One thing we found slightly odd about the game is you seemingly no longer get abducted (your goal is no longer a spaceship) – it may seem like a slightly odd criticism but it seems like an odd decision considering the title of the game! If you like this sort of game, or even if you don’t then you need to buy Abduction! 2, we vote it so far the best Android game to date!



Price: £1.95 (approx $3.15/ €2.33)

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