6 Best Video Player Application for Android

Watching video on your Android handset? You definitely need a powerful Video Player Application to do so, because most people are disatisfied with the standard video player. But I won’t call it android if we do not have any choice for application. The problem is, of the many stock android video player whether you will try it one by one to get the best? hmmm.. throw away that throught to the deepest seabed! Because we’ll review the six best video player application for your android.


The Application developers are not kidding when they crate a tagline for MoboPlayer : ”Enjoy Your Video?”. I mean, you will really enjoy your video when you play it on this video player. MoboPlayer Devoted to play videos without much hassle that makes you dizzy before watching the video. Unlike some of the Video Player for Android, this application can play all video formats without having to transcode or converting the format! (after all, who would want to be bothered convert all video before watch it on mobile phones? ). External subtitle formats like SRT, SSA, and ASS is supported, such as built in subtitles in MKV, MOV, and the MPV.

MoboPlayer also allows you to enjoy streaming video using HTTP or RTSP protocols. This application show even a 3D carousel at thumbnail video. Developer of MoboPlayer want this application not only runs well, but also can run on as many devices. That is why they provide several variation of code to specific hardware platforms. It means, you don’t need to install the code for the phones hardware.


Just like MoboPlayer, mVideoPlayer also highly recommended to stock your android video player. But unlike MoboPlayer, mVideoPlayer do not have the software decoding technology and you can only the specific audio and video support your phone model. If the video you want is not support for your phone, you can transcode or convert it to a format that supports your Android phone.

But don’t be disappointed and throw your tomatoes, however mVideoPlayer is taking advantage of MoboPlayer by supporting more subtitle formats. mVidePlayer has a search function at OpenSubtitles.org application and the Internet Movie Database (IMDB), and comes with a theme and the option to customize the player to suit your needs.


arcMedia provide broader capacity and codec support for video playback. Opensource FFmpeg can be played because the application was built with the FFmpeg library. If you have an Android phone superpowerful with a high power CPU, arcMedia can use software decoding for playing video formats that may not be supported by your cell phone hardware. arcMedia can also play streaming video from DailyMotion, Youtube and other similar sites. However DRM-protected videos do not support. Honeycomb version is also under construction.


Most people who install RealPlayerBeta loved the music-playing capabilities and impressive music-organizing. In fact, RealPlayerBeta is an all-in-one multimedia application that not only work with music, but also for photos and video. This is one of the video player with an intuitive playback controls and a modern look. RealPlayerBeta also includes a download manager that allows you to download and store multiple media files at the same times.


doubleTwistPlayer claim as the best among the all-in-one multimedia player to enjoy audio, video, and radio playback. double TwistPlayer can reach all the audio and video files on Android devices and synchronize with the media on a desktop or laptop through a free program called Double Twist (available for PC and Mac). If you already includes multimedia files embedded artwork, double Twist Player can play them with full resolution. double TwistPlayer can also import your iTunes playlist, your ratings and play counts.

Meridian Media Player Autonomy

If you need a video player that provides plenty of room for customization, Meridian Media Player Autonomy is the answer. You can not use this application widgets, though if you put in the SD card. Meridian Media Player Autonomy play audio and video on your cell phone. This application support SRT subtitile for movie playback, and can disable the video streaming of movie files, so you can listen to audio only, will be quite useful for music videos. Two of the most important feature is the toolkit to clean up folders and advanced multimedia library browsing and exclusion. Just a video with the support MP4 format. If your video is not MP4, you must convert it first.

So, what’s your choice for your Android? have you decide it? or you even more confused because each application has advantages and disadvantages of each? Choose according to your needs

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