Tutorial: Fix PDF Previewing not Downloading in Android


With the new update to the Google Drive Android app, some PDF files are being automatically opened in the Google Drive PDF Preview app (via Google Chrome Android).

That means that if you want to download a PDF in Chrome for later viewing, you would have to wait for the preview app to finish opening the PDF (as in, you have to leave the app open to allow for the PDF to download and render), then you would have to tap on the context menu popup icon, and finally you are able to tap on the “Download” context menu item to Download the PDF (to a location that’s not your Downloads folder).
And then, to resume your browsing session in Chrome, you have to click back to exit the Drive PDF Preview app.

This is inconvenient, as previously, it was only a simple 1-tap-download process. Now there’s more steps that do nothing asides from consuming precious time.

You can’t uninstall the Drive app from the homescreen, so how do you do it?
The fix: Go to Settings → Apps → Drive, and press on the “Disable” button.

And that’s it!

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Recorded, Edited and Uploaded on the same Android Device as a test (on-the-go tutorials ftw!), so the resulting video isn’t in 4K 60FPS quality like the rest of my videos thus far.

Source: Youtube