This is How to Fix Android ERROR : Encryption Unsuccessful – BRICKED SAMSUNG PHONES ONLY


So after playing with Costum roms you get this strange error
ad there is nothing you can do fact the phone is bricked..
means broken .. well kinda , the software is messed..

How ever if you get this on your original firmware , and you
never messed with the software to reinstall other roms , then you must directly think of what app you installed that caused this.

It’s software related and not hardware , so you can try to fix it back to original , You will lose everything on the phone..thats the down side , but your phone will work just fine again.

Maybe a tip ..
Don’t try to install other roms if you not sure..
You can Root , but root means anything can happen to your phone data and credits..

The safest phone should be one that is not rooted , but on that Myself disagree if we look at all the crapware starting and running
on factory firmware like those from Samsung .

Listen good to what I explain in the video..

Tools you will need like ODIN you can get here

About your firmware get that for your phone only here


Hope this info was useful , I did fix my phone s no need to
worry to much about it.

Have a great week .


Source: Youtube