Remove /FIX lags,RAM issues on your slow, laggy android device (ROOT needed)


no more lags and RAM issues guaranteed !

What u must have-
*Root access (for Rooting your device , download kingoroot / browse rooting forums or learn rooting from youtube)
*For already rooted users-
simply download these apps from play store
– a. Uninstall, b. ROOTbooster, c. SpeedUpSwap and d. SEfix.
and make sure to follow the instructions in the given sequence !
Enjoy.. happy gaming and lag free experience !
(in case you are not sure about what system apps to remove using ‘Uninstall’ app, do ask me before continuing by messaging/inboxing me at / or

Disclaimer- rooting voids warranty and i am not responsible for any condition your device may get into ! do at your own risk.

Source: Youtube