NFS Most Wanted android Black screen / Graphic Fix 2016


Hello, today im gonna show you a fix for the graphic issue in NFS Most Wanted on android. After fallowing the procedure it can be solved without re-downloading the whole game data.

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Attached files:
◽Graphic fix(175Mb) ;

Additional files:
◽ZArchiver(3Mb) ;
◽ES file manager(8Mb) ;
◽Winrar [only if use desktop for extraction]

◽The Graphic fixture is highly compressed from 1.1Gb to 175Mb by using 7z algorithm. Primary apps won’t extract this use Zarchiver (Android) or winrar.
◽Don’t replace both folders.only overwrite them.
◽If the device has a limited space to copy near 1Gb  don’t try to overwrite both files at once.

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