Mortal Kombat X Mobile on Android: A Fix for “Cloud Save Not Available”


update 22/2/2016: No longer working with recent update 1.7.0


We already described this in the most recent Q&A (…), but figured that we’d make this easy to find for people needing a solution.

Short answer: minimize and reopen MKX.

Long answer: Before the recent update, “Cloud Save Not Available” often didn’t mean a thing on Android. You’d still be able to access Faction Wars, and your WBID was maintaining your progress.

However, since 1.6.1, it was a sign that you had no connection to the servers, and none of your progress was being saved on your WBID.

The most obvious indicator that the situation had changed for the worse was the greyed out “change WBID” button on the profile page.

Until recently, our only solution was to clear app data. Which was awful. Sure, you could play Faction Wars. But you needed to complete the entire tutorial before being able to login to your WBID to recover your progress.

Without having access to the servers and being able to save on your WBID, any offline progress wasn’t being saved anywhere except locally, on your device. So if you ran into any problems, and you contacted tech support at WB/NR for help … be prepared to lose all your offline progress if you followed their most common advice: to uninstall and reinstall MKX

As always, this is Android only. And even though it fixed things for us, there’s no guarantee that it will fix things for you. As mentioned in the video, an additional solution is to turn your internet connection off and on before coming back to MKX.

If this was helpful to you, please say so in the comments, including your device and version of Android.

Source: Youtube