iPhone to Android iMessage Bug Fix


In this video, I describe the process used to debug iMessage and its error with android users. If you are upgrading your iPhone to an android platform, you will need to deactivate iMessage before you make the switch. Otherwise, don’t expect to receive text messages from your friends that are iPhone users. iMessage can be located by opening the Settings application and scrolling down to Messages. There you will see the option to enable or disable iMessage. If the selector is “green” in color, tap it to disable iMessage (selector will turn white). Once you have disabled iMessage, you are free to upgrade. If you’ve already switched to the android platform, you will have to deactivate your current device and activate your iPhone once more. The process is the same once the iPhone has been reactivated. If the iPhone is not readily available, you can contact Apple customer support and have the iPhone deregistered. Note: you will have to pay a twenty dollar fee for customer service.

Source: Youtube