[How-To] Wifi/Internet Setup and Basic Fix Option – Android Tv – MX Box


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In order to use your MX/G-Box android tv, you will need an internet connection. This is a basic video showing how to connect between the two options.

You will know there is a connection issue when the browser wont open and xbmc will indicate a connection error.

Please note, some routers can block connections to your unit. Although this is rare, it has happened to me, with a rogers router. Once I switched to a regular router, all was fixed.

IMPORTANT: for extremely fast connections, and amazing video loading, i suggest a direct Ethernet connection. I paid 30$ (Best Buy) for a portable modem that has an Ethernet out port, and plugs right into my wall socket behind the tv…………..streaming is amazing now, even with the main router 3 floors away. Are Looking to buy an Android TV Box? We sell them fully loaded. Check us out at www.canadianandroids.ca. For our American friends, check out www.americanandroids.com

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