How To Tech: Fix Google Maps & Navigation For Android


This is an instructional video designed to go over how to fix Google Maps and Navigation for Android after an unstable Beta update was force pushed to Android devices.

Items covered:

-Review of issues with the update on Android devices.
-Testing the new faulty update version and old stable versions of Maps and Nav.
-Walkthrough of how to remove the Beta update from your Android device.
-Testing of device after downgrade to original Maps and Nav.

To permanently block Google Maps from updating after following this tutorial please follow the instructions below:

1.) Go to the Play Store and then go to the settings menu (my Galaxy S3 has it at the bottom left).
2.) Select “My Apps”.
3.) Select “Maps” from the list provided.
4.) Select the settings menu again and UNCHECK the “Auto-Update” checkbox.
5.) Smile. 🙂

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Source: Youtube