How to fix your smart phone gps signal problems – e.g. motorola defy plus


And I am again back with my Motorola defy +, and again I am here to speak about some problems with it. Maybe you have different brand, it does not matter, you can try out this method anyway, because it is for free and it is very easy try.

So long story short, when ever I tried to use program which required GPS signal, it didn’t work because GPS were working only right after I turned it on, and then it gave a new position within 5 up to 30 minutes, so no use of such a gps if you want to use it for navigation or for any other fun application.

So I did a small research and figured out that I am not the only one with such a problem and then I came to a solution! I downloaded form the app store GPS status application and then when to tools and A-Gps and did gps reset!
Since I did it I haven’t had any problems with my gps, so maybe this may help you too, just watch my video if you need some video guidance!
Thank you!

Source: Youtube