How to Fix The Dead Android and Red Triangle Error Symbol – Android Recovery Screen


Has your phone or tablet stopped working and is now showing a red triangle with an explanation point? If so, this means your Android phone has crashed and gone into recovery mode. Watch as I show you how to hold the power button, volume up, and volume down button at the same time to fix your phone.
Android Repair Kit ?:

Meaning of Green Android laying down and a red triangle with an exclamation point inside it:

•If there is also a blue bar under the green android, then this means your android phone is being updated. All you need to do it let the phone finish its upgrade process and

• The phone has crashed, entered recovery mode, and is waiting for your command. Following the steps above to fix the red triangle and exclamation mark symbol error on your android tablet or phone.

Google Support about the Red Triangle –
How to Hard Reset your Android Device –

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