How to fix the Android YouTube app “Connection to server lost” problem.


Note: For the few out there who insist on stating the obvious and telling me that they cannot watch this video on their phone because their YouTube app isn’t working. Obviously you can’t watch it on your phone. I didn’t think people would be surfing YouTube on their phone when the app isn’t working. Why are you anyways? So fire up your desktop / laptop and watch it on there. Think people!

UPDATE: Guys, I recorded this video almost a year ago. This was the method that worked for me and many other people at that time, and for the Youtube app version 6.0.13. There has been alot of changes to the app and to the Android system itself, so if this method is not working for you, please keep that in mind.

If you are still having problems, there are a few others things you can try:

1. In addition to trying what I described in the video, you can try re-installing the Youtube app. On some devices, you may not be able to un-install the app. So for those of you who can, uninstall the app, and for those who can not, uninstall the updates for the Youtube app. Reboot the device after you uninstalled the app / updates

2. After the device boots back up, go into the Play store and reinstall / update the Youtube app. Before you start the app and log in again, you may want to try clearing the cache like I showed you in the video again… just to be safe.

3. Sign in, and hopefully everything should be working..

Cheers and thank you for watching


Lately, I’ve been having problems trying to load YouTube videos via wifi. I get the message “Connection to server lost – Touch to retry”. This is how to fix the problem. For all those trying to watch this video on your phone instead of your computer, and are unable to watch it, this is what I did in the video:

1. Go into App manager and select the Youtube App. FORCE STOP the app if it is running, then hit the CLEAR CACHE button and then the CLEAR DATA button

2. Next, hit back to go back into the App manager. From there, make your way to Google Play Services and do the same thing. FORCE STOP the app if it is running, then CLEAR CACHE & CLEAR DATA.

3. After cleaning the cache and data, hit MANAGE SPACE, scroll all the way to the bottom, and hit the CLEAR ALL DATA button.

4. Reboot the phone. After the phone boots back up, start the Youtube app and sign in to your account again.

Source: Youtube