How To Fix ‘No OS Installed’ On Almost Any Android


Link to Downloads below!

Keep in mind that after you do this, you WILL need to install GApps! Androids run off of Google Play Services, and installing GApps installs anything you need/want so you don’t get errors such as, for example, ‘Google Play Services Has Stopped’.

Download GApps here:

If you have the same problem as this, then watch this video to the end. It should help in most cases, and if it doesn’t go through all the steps again until it does.

Cyanogenmod has been discontinued, however Lineage is basically the new Cyanogenmod. Download for Lineage:

If this is not your phone type, on the side there is a long list to all the devices which include ALL/MOST of the Android devices, just search for your device and model then continue with the video.

Source: Youtube