How to fix battery drain and early shutdowns after Android 7.1.1 update


In this video I show you how to reduce battery drain in Android 7.1.1 as well as a potention fix for the early battery shutdowns as experienced by some Android users, including myself.

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In this video I’ll show you how to fix the battery draining issues introduced in the Android 7.1.1 update.
The first issue I noticed with this update was that my volume buttons stopped working. If you have the same problem, I already made a video about how to fix them which you can check out by clicking on the card here.
As of a few days ago, my phone can’t even get through a whole day without needing a recharge. I am not a heavy user so seeing my battery drain this fast is annoying.
Another serious bug that was introduced in are the random shutdowns due to low battery. These shutdowns can occur anywhere from 60% battery down to 0% battery which makes the device unusable.
Let’s have a look at how we fix these battery problems.
There are a few things we can do to optimize the battery after the update. Sometimes a simple restart can resolve some software problems, so its always worth trying that out before you move on to more drastic measures.
What solved the problems for me is flushing the device cache.
In order to do that, we have restart our device into recovery mode. Don’t worry, your data is safe. Just follow the steps outlined in this video.
To restart into recovery mode, hold down the power button and volume down button at the same time (the same buttons you’d press to take a screenshot). If your volume buttons don’t work, then fix them first by watching the linked video.
The next step is to use the volume down key to select Recovery Mode from the menu. Then press your power button again to select that option.
The device will restart into recovery mode. Once you arrive at this screen, carefully hold the power button and then press the volume up button.
From this screen use the volume down button to select Wipe Device Cache and confirm.
Once the process is done restart your device.

There are many other ways of extending the battery life of your android smartphone. The screen is the biggest battery user on phones because of its size, though the recent update causes the Operating System to use most of the power.
Go to your Display Settings disable most of the features on this settings page if you don’t use them.
Adaptive brightness can be disabled as manually adjusting the brightness is more efficient.
Ambient display wakes up your screen when you receive notifications. I find this feature distracting and it takes its toll on the battery, which is why is already turned off.
I never enable screensaver because whenever my phone is charging I am usually asleep. No need to wear out the screen when no one is looking at it.
Keeping the Sleep interval small is also a good idea for obvious reasons.
Other areas of improvement are location services and device backups.
In your location settings, select Battery Saving to reduce the GPS polling interval. Note that some apps require high accuracy location services, but they will simply ask you to reenable it when the time comes.
If you don’t need to back up any data or you are using a third party back up app like Dropbox, you can also safely disable Android’s built in backup.

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