Full Android Studio Install, fix JVM, & Run project into Emulator –Tutorial for beginner


For HD Quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S2C4EuWzEE
How to install android studio on your mac and install JDK or JVM on your mac OSX. Fixing Android studio unable to find JVM mac using edit Info.plist file of Android Studio from Application Package Content. Create a hello world project in Android Studio on Mac OS x. And Download and install genymotion emulator for run the android studio project & install genymotion plugin into android studio. install virtualbox then run genymotion and sign in for add and download android virtual devices for run android studio project into emulator. Add android virtual device in genymotion and run hello world project on genymotion emulator and create a button event/action for show a toast message on android studio project and run into genymotion emulator.

Source: Youtube