Flash Firmware All devices Android Tv Box Fix Works\


Download software and firmware ,plug box to usb to pc,install program,after install,unplug box,right click program icon that is on desktop,open file location ,make folder ,license,place files into made folder.right click on program icon run as Administrator,click file,locate made folder,double click firmware,now press start,,,now press the reset button located inside the a/v port use non metal item,such as a toothpick,with the reset button pressed plug the usb wire from pc to the android box,,,wait for it to complete,,press stop https://www.entertainmentbox.com/how-to-use-the-amlogic-usb-burning-tool/,close program ,disconnect box,,you are done,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,link1usb tool ,2,firmware,,http://chinagadgetsreviews.com/firmwares/
look for updated links in pinned comment

download software to install to get driver for box
download firmware
download latest software for use

Download latest Amlogic Burning tool, How to use the USB Burning Tool

now instead of making the license folder ,the latest software includes folder with all keys
put your firmware img into the license folder that is in latest software folder
now after you have installed the software from first link,so that driver is properly installed from box
proceed to run the latest software.for a successful FLASH.

Source: Youtube