FIX Slow, Frozen, Android CRASHES! Cache/RAM TIPS Video


Slow, bogged down Samsung Android? Let’s fix it! The tips in this video cover cache, RAM and configuration in Task Manager and Settings. Check WiFi, GPS, Applications management, Sync and Account Manage (Google). And no, adding yet another app is NOT the answer!

People often get “App Happy,” downloading and running dozens of apps simultaneously, sapping precious processor power (CPU), draining battery life, and bloating the RAM. So if your Samsung Galaxy phone or Nexus tablet is freezing up, check out this vid.

Also, remember to clear your cache when browsing. This prompt is automatic when closing Dolphin; it’s in the menu settings in Firefox. For the latest features, I prefer using the Beta versions of both of these browsers. Get them, and all apps, in Play Store.

This video has closed captioning CC for the hearing impaired.

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Source: Youtube