Fix iPhone/Android Randomly Dying at 30% (Calibrate Your Battery)


Video showing how to stop your phone from randomly dying and shutting off by calibrating the battery. This stops your phone from dying quickly/fast when there is still battery left and also fixes the incorrect battery percentage.

People’s phones are always dying randomly nowadays. (Especially iPhones) By calibrating the device’s battery, you should experience less of these random and unexpected deaths. It seems overwhelming but just use your phone as you normally would but leave it plugged in. This will help your device’s long term battery life as well as assist in fixing poor calibration.

1- Let your phone die. (0%)
2- Charge your phone up to 100%.
3- Leave it plugged in for 1 hour.
4- Unplug your device and drain it 0% again.
5- Charge your device back to 100%.
6- Unplug your phone!
7- Perform these steps once a month!

Battery Replacement:
iPhone 6S-
iphone 5S-
Any other Device:

Source: Youtube