FIX Google Play store closes immediately stopped working crashing won’t open Android 4.3


How to fix your google play store that wont open or closes immediately on a Android 4.3 Device. Sometimes you get the error Unfortunately, the process has stopped or Unfortunately, Google Play store has stopped. This is usually causeed by having a app called downloads or download manager turned OFF. When this is TURNED OFF you will receive a error the process has stopped unexpectedly or you will not be able to update your apps or the play store will not open at all. Just keeps closing or you cannot download apps.

To fix the issue go to settings or press MENU Settings or System settings (depending on phone)

Select MORE, then go to APPS or Application Manager

Scroll to the RIGHT and select TURNED OFF

Look for and select Downloads or Download Manager

Tap on it and click TURN ON if it is TURNED OFF.

Then it should work. If it does not then Clear Cache, Clear Data and Force stop on the Play store app and the Downloads Manager app. Then reboot and should be fine.


This has been seen seen on the Samsung Galaxy Series S3, S4, Motorola Droid Razr, HTC One, LG G2 and others.

Errors are usually one of the following Unfortunately, Google Play Store has stopped,
the process has stopped unexpectedly
google play won’t open, stopped unexpectedly or won’t work

Source: Youtube