“FIX” Galaxy Note 4 rebooting continuously (Android) #26


(HD) (CC) Is your phone rebooting endlessly by itself for no apparent reason? If you plug your phone into your “phone charger” does your phone start up normally? The battery caused this in My Galaxy Note 4. This video will show you how to identify if a “battery” is the likely cause of a phone rebooting by itself. (Galaxy Note 4 shown here).
IMPORTANT WARNING! you must first check your battery life graph for sudden drops to zero! If you don’t see any drops to zero (like I showed in the video) then your battery is likely NOT the problem.

UPDATE: the original battery shown in the video lasted only 6 or 7 months. I replaced it with an Anker battery. It worked well for 9 months then the same problem happened again. Luckily it had an 18 month warranty. So, for my Note 4, 2 batteries in a year and a half!

The only issue you may run into is if the battery is easily replaceable or not!

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