fix android phone freezing crashing not responding or slow with app cache cleaner 1 tap clean


App Cache cleaner 1Tap clean is one app that fixes a lot of phone issues when they are freezing, crashing, rebooting, lagging or running slow. Usually before running app cache cleaner I like to clean out the phone by uninstalling old or unused apps from the device then run the cache cleaner. I have seen it clean up to 2.7GB of cache on a phone. Most of the time it cleans anywhere from 300mb to 1gb after a month or two of using a phone depending which apps you use and how much. Remember when your pc was running slow and they would tell you to clear your cookies, cache and history? Well this is the same thing but for your android phone.

I have used this app on so many phones its silly. Some of the most common ones are the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and S5. Basically almost every Android phone can benefit from this app.

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