Fix An Inverted {UP SIDE DOWN [180 degrees] }Screen Of Android Phones


After installing custom ROM in Android Smart phone, few users faced screen rotation by 90, 180 Degrees. This problem occurs due to improper phone drivers or improper installation of ROM. Android being an open platform has few bugs too. But, there are solutions to fix them.

Method To Fix:-

Step 1 :- Download file manger app such as Root Browser from play store or here.

# Root Browser Apk (


# Root Browser:- (Grant Root Permission)

Step 1 :- Open Root Browser. A small popup box will appear to install “Busy Box”. Download Busy Box and Root browser will automatically install it.

Step 2 :- Open “System folder”. Now open “build.prop” file with “RB text editor”.

Step 2 :- Search for line “ro.sf.hwrotation=’180″‘.

Step 3 :- Change it to “0”.

{Note :- “ro.sf.hwrotation = 90” Change it to “270”, If “ro.sf.hwrotation = 270” Change it to “90”.}

Step 4 :- Save it and Reboot your phone.


That’s all..!! This is the easiest way to fix screen rotation bug.

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