Easy FIX! Wi-Fi cutting out/dropping connections randomly (using FREE WiFi analyzer Android app) #15


(CC) (HD) A “simple fix” for intermittent Wi-Fi disconnecting, pages not loading, connection keeps dropping, even with a strong WiFi signal. Your neighbours might unknowingly be “bumping” you out from YOUR WiFi connection. If your Wi-Fi keeps cutting out, you might unknowingly be sharing the same WI-FI frequencies. Here I’ll show you how to find this out for free, and how I easily fixed my connection problems. (Android, IPhone, PC, Windows, Mac, and so on) If you have what I had, the fix is relatively simple.

The “Wifi analyzer” app I’m using is the one by “Farproc” in the Google Play Store. I have NO affiliation with this Dev, but I find the app works well for me.
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