Bypass Samsung Accoung Samsung S6 Android 5.1.1 FIX!!1!


Bypass Samsung Accoung Samsung Android 5.1.1 FIX!!1! Tested and working on Samsung Galaxy S6 With Android 5.1.1
1.Fresh Device(Wipe with recovery)
2.Connect to Wi-Fi
3.Install Side-Sync on PC and Start it
4.Connect to computer
5.Select a browser
6.Enter Google Play
7.Log-in with google
8.Install Solo Launcher& CM Locker
9.Start and enable both of them
10.Restart the Phone
11.You Have a Working Device

Known Issues:
-Phone Calls are automatically rejected but you can see them(install for notifications)
-The Home+Multitask Buttons are not working
-Notification bar is not available(Install

Source: Youtube