Android Smartwatch Won’t Boot Or Gets Stuck Booting? Try This Fix


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Install MTK (MediaTek Drivers) Windows 10 64 bit & 32 bit

It happens to all of us. With these tiny Android based smartwatches, sometimes they just get stuck, or get hooked in a loop trying to restart. This video will show you a possible way to remedy your situation and get you back operating again. It’s based on flashing your watch’s firmware and depends on a couple of things:

1. You have a copy of the firmware you want to install (or reinstall), and
2. You can power down your watch and it will stay that way. This may mean opening it up and removing the battery (or battery connector) and reconnecting it. As long as it doesn’t start back up on its own, there’ a good chance this firmware flashing will work. The videos here are based on a No.1 D5 watch, as that’s the one I had stuck in the booting process, so I took it apart for you to show you how to disconnect the battery.

Link to the text outline used in these videos for you to print and follow:

To find the Firmware for your watch, check here:

Link to RAX HAX Drivers and Flashing Videos:
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May all your flashes be successful!

UPDATE: Want to avoid having to flash your firmware as a result of installing clock skins? Then watch this video NOW:

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