Android Phone Won’t Download Apps Fix 2016 –


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If your android phone wont download apps your going to want to first

1. Restart your phone and then re launch the play store and try re downloading that particular app (as we mentioned having your phone on for too long can cause overheating and other issues. This usually happens when your phone has been on for over 200 hours long without being shut down)

2. Check your wifi signal to make sure its strong. Anytime you have a weak wifi signal it can cause an app to either download extremely slow, or just not download at all. (try clearing out your wifi settings and then re entering your password as I have found this to work. Also try restarting your router and modem if you are at home)

3. Another thing I recomend doing is clearing out all of the running apps in the background. I have found that having too many apps running in the background can cause issues for a new app to install

4. If your android phone wont download apps still then I would also check to make sure your not completely out of storage. This is another thing your probably not thinking about or considering so go into your settings to check and see how much storage is actually left. If you find your almost out or nearly out then go and delete some apps off your phone and then try re install whatever app your trying to get.

5. Another pro tip would be to go into your application manger and clear out the cache on any apps you have tried installing. If you have gotten the app that wont download to start to install, and then get cut off this would cause some issues with it trying to re install. All you need to do is find the app and then select the clear cache option

6. As a last resort you could always do a hard reset on your phone which would be a pain but it can sometimes fix this issue. Just make sure to save all of your documents, videos, contacts, and photos to your pc first.

Source: Youtube