[android] Exodus Search Fix – Salts Not Opening Fix + Traktlist fix Below Please Read before doing


updated repo to grab working ones for now repo http://mediarepos.net/kodistuff
updated june 19th
new video with working repo that will have fixes and updates it has salts and exodus on the repo https://youtu.be/AxZHcTOOZ-4

add this as a file source under file manager https://mediarepos.000webhostapp.com/MediaRepos/ and you can get the repo right on box and other repos also
Kodi – Exodus Search Fix – Salts Not Opening Fix + Traktlist fix Below For Exodus/Salts, windows step below
!!!note!!! trakt account or not salts and exodus dependent on it edit the files and it will fix them that simple

Thanks to @orion_thebelt for the headsup and info give him a follow !!!note if salts won’t install and fails check this video add bubbles and will fix it https://youtu.be/PVoCEs3RaXw

windows ver – https://youtu.be/c2CHxnVHS_M

!!!NOTE!!! if you want trakt and search to work edit the trakt.py file and only replace Client Secret api not the Client this will make exodus search/trakt list work and make salts work plus trakt list

or after doin both keys try and readd your trakt account two times and see if that works if it don’t follow the steps above this text

so use file es file explorer go to local drive and then android then data search for kodi folder then click files folder then kodi folder and follow the video as it says.

my last video on how to get them addons with no fusion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PVoCEs3RaXw&lc=z13nw3j4krewxdfze04cedojyqjfcjnrvoo0k
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