Android 7 inch Tablet: How to Fix non bootable device


This is my Wondermedia Android 7 inch tablet. (Chinese)
It’s good for £65 UK pounds, but sometimes it can stop booting up and all you will get is the Android robot screen on boot. It makes it useless.

This is how you fix it, download the firmware from the link at the bottom of this description, put the extracted file structure on a mini-SD card and boot your Android tablet up with the mini-SD card in the slot.
It will begin to flash. You may need to edit two of the files as I did in the video.
As in some cases the touch screen will fail after update, if so edit the files then flash again if that happens, it did to me!.
When the firmware update is done, just remove the mini-SD card and the device will reboot by itself.

If your Touch screen is not responding do this:

You will need Textpad to edit the files, although Notepad will do.

(1) file FirmwareInstall/packages/fs_patch/root_patch/system/default.prop :
find the line ro.wmt.touchpannel=0 and change it to ro.wmt.touchpannel=1

(2) file FirmwareInstall/env/uboot_env_head, for the 2 lines :
setenv touchcodec vt1603 and setenv 1:vt1603:2:800:480
change them to,
setenv touchcodec uor615x and setenv 1:uor615x:0:800:480

Some versions don’t have the setenv touchcodec on the config and some versions you won’t find the file in uboot_env_head file, But if the file is in the /env/ folder and is the only one with name uboot, then you have the right one.

Generic Wondermedia Firmware for 7 inch Android tablets:
Android: 2.2 Kernel: Build: 1.3.1-20110602.083938 Froyo eng
Revision: Thursday 2nd June 2011

Download link:

Source: Youtube