3 Minute permanent fix to growing thumbdata3 memory problem.Clear up android memory!


Hey guys,if it says your phone memory is full even if you havent installed alot of apps or used alot of space.Then this is the solution for your problem.Actually alot of space is used up in creating thumbnails for your pictures.So the thumbnails are stored in this file.But its totally unnecessary.So remove it permanently by editing its permissions.I assure you that you wont have this problem again.And thanks for watching.Hit the like button if you like it,subscribe and enjoy! 🙂

Hello guys! I have been getting alot of comments of how to do it if your device is not rooted and also that they are not able to get access permissions through their phones. Well good news is, I got a way to fix that without root required! The method is the PC method. But right now i am too busy(Final exams 🙂 ) to make a solution video. But i will be back as soon as possible on this. So plz wait for a while. I’ll come out with the video soon. 🙂
Update 2:
Hello everyone! I am really very sorry for not coming up with a video. I recently upgraded to windows 10 and im not able to make the method work in it. Though you could always try it. All you need to do is link your phone to pc and goto the .thumbnails file and right click then properties then read only ( check it ) then apply. If that works for you,please let me know. I apologize once again and thanks for watching :).

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