11/09/2017 RELEASE GTA 5 for Android iOS Fix Download And Play GTA 5 On Your Phone


GTA V for Android is a game changer for all GTA gamers, Good thing is that you can continue the game from other version devices. One of the best features about this game is that you will be able to use your saved file from other consoles and continue from there. There are new features available just for mobile platforms.

Share your GTA 5 Android experience with all of your friends! Single player mode is also available on GTA 5 for Android and iOS.

GTA V android has, hands down the best graphics on todays mobile platforms and can be compared to Playstation or Xbox. Though, this greatly depends on which device you are using. Latest mobile phones which have a better processor, ram and graphics perform better than the older devices. Good thing is that it also works on tablets running android version 4.0 or higher. Some people suggest playing on tablet because they have a bigger screen.

Grab your copy of GTA 5 for Android and iOS following this steps :

1. Download 2 apps and install – if you use mobile phone (OUR VIDEO SHOWS YOU THE SIMPLE TUTORIAL) – OR complete 2 offers – if you use PC – so that we can verify that you are human. Your game will be unlock after you download and install the apps or complete the offers.
***If you use a PC, you have to follow this steps :***
2. After you complete the offers, your file will be unlock and download begin automatically. Connect your android device or iOS device to the computer.
3. Copy GTA5.apk or GTA5.ipa file to your phone/tablet.
4. Open the file. You will get a pop up box saying “For security your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”.
5. Click on settings.
6. Allow installation for GTA 5.
7. After install, You will see GTA V icon on your phone.
8. Open the game, but you will have to wait few minutes to download obb and data files and game will start after downloading.

Source: Youtube